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Project Profiles - Medical

Dr. Kamar Adeleke, M.D.

The Project:

Remodeling two new office suites in a Wilmington condominium for a growing cardiology practice.

The Team:

Premier Builders and Dr. Kamar Adeleke

Unique Challenges:
  • Working closely with City of Wilmington building officials, who were very particular about the means of construction and the fire alarm system since the Devon condominium, where Dr. Adeleke was moving his medical office, had been recently damaged by fire.
  • Coping with a very tight schedule, because the doctor had to relocate his New Castle office and resume caring for his patients as soon as possible.
Premier Builders’ Solutions:
  • We worked closely on the design and functionality of the new space to maximize the examination rooms and the administrative areas.
  • We communicated with the condominium council to coordinate in order to be a good neighbor during construction.
  • We facilitated the transition to the new office and had the new site operational within eight weeks, so that patients didn’t miss any appointments.
Comments from the Client:

“When I found that I had to leave my existing office, I was in a bind. I needed to renovate the suites I had purchased quickly and transform them into one office. I turned to Premier Builders, who had renovated my dentist’s office. I had been very impressed by the work they did there.

“Ken and his team at Premier Builders are the consummate professionals – he worked with our restricted timelines and overcame all of the hurdles thrown in their way. I couldn’t ask for more. We started the project in June and I was in before August. They did a fantastic job. The space is gorgeous – much better than what I had before.”

Dr. Kamar Adeleke, M.D.
Tri-State Cardiovascular
Peninsula Medical Associates, LLC