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Project Profiles - Medical

Dr. Lavenburg, MD, PA, Abby Medical Center

The Project:

Combining two busy ophthalmology practices into one state-of-the-art facility in the Abby Medical Center in Newark, DE.

The Team:

Premier Builders; Rebecca Blake, Martin Summers and Mary Severino, architects with MGZA; Bell Ophthalmic Technology for instruments and equipment; EyeDesigns for the optical casework;
Varitronix for the call system.

Unique Challenges:
  • Making an efficient space that would satisfy both patient and staff needs. Protecting the existing custom cherry door and moldings and replicating that finish on the new moldings. Finding an alternative route for deliveries so as not to damage the marble floor in the elaborate lobby. Working around another contractor, who was rehabbing an office above our space, to safeguard our adjacent pipes and sprinklers.
Premier Builders’ Solutions:
  • Our goal was to make the move as easy as possible for the owner and office manager, while they were busy running the current practice.
  • The building was occupied, so all work had to coordinated with existing tenants. We also coordinated our project with industry and specialty suppliers, and made sure all design requirements and delivery dates were met.
  • The existing pipes in the concrete floor were not where they were indicated on the building plan, so we had to redesign on the fly, submit revisions to NCC, and work closely with our mechanical contractor to ensure proper placement.
  • We did this extra work while keeping the job on schedule.
Comments from the Client:

“I was impressed with the ability of the Premier Builders team to respond quickly to challenges during the fast-paced construction process. Starting with a shell, they completed the job in 90 days. I had no down time when I moved from one office to another. Premier Builders did all the legwork. They came to my existing offices to measure where the outlets should be placed, and they called manufacturers to get specs on equipment that I intended to purchase. Although there were many details to manage between the installations of equipment, cabinets, display cases, phone and IT systems, the office was ready for patients on time as planned.

“Although they had not previously worked on an ophthamology practice, the Premier Builders team clearly understood our needs. Our office is beautiful, and they did a great job. I would confidently recommend their work to other industry professionals.”

Dr. Douglas J. Lavenburg, M.D., P.A.