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Project Profiles - Dental

Dr. Monica Mehring, DDS

The Project:

To double the square footage of an existing dental practice in Newark, DE with renovation and new construction.

The Team:

Premier Builders, Patterson Dental

Unique Challenges:
  • Expanding an existing dental office into new adjoining space.When the condo next door to her became available, Dr.Mehring purchased it. The new space had to be completely renovated and updated; the existing space required equipment and technology updates, such as a new digital X-ray unit and a state-of-the-art sterilization center.
  • Dealing with obstacles presented by the City of Newark, which wanted Dr.Mehring to install two handicapped-accessible bathrooms. This would have been cost-prohibitive. It would have also consumed much of the existing office space.
Premier Builders’ Solutions:
  • We completed work on the new space first, then went back and remodeled the existing office. We did all of our work on nights and weekends to avoid disrupting patient care. Dr Mehring’s practice did not lose one day of appointments.
  • Because we have relationships with various municipalities, we are able to ask the right questions and navigate through the gray areas. Acting as a liaison between the City of Newark and Dr.Mehring, we developed a win-win scenario that one handicapped accessible bathroom was sufficient. This made the project feasible.
Comments from the Client:

“My dental supply company recommended Premier Builders, with whom they had worked previously. They made a great team.We all sat down with Patterson Dental to design the operatories in the new space that I had bought next door.

“In my existing office, Premier worked around my schedule to tear up all the carpeting, paint, and put in new ceiling tiles and beautiful laminate flooring. When I left work on Wednesday, I had two offices. When I returned on Monday, I had a brand new expanded space with a great reception area and wider hallways. Best of all, the project was completed on time.”

Dr. Monica Mehring, DDS