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Project Profiles - Medical

Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc., Wilmington, DE

The Project:

Making over the outdated office space of this comprehensive provider of physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and other rehabilitative services. We had just 10 weeks to complete this full demolition and renovation project.

The Team:

Premier Builders; Robert Catalano – P.T., M.A., President and Owner; David Dalby Architect -the City of Wilmington; Joe Dilts, Building Services Manager, Devon Condominiums and the State of Delaware Fire Marshall (Medicare).

Unique Challenges:
  • Demolishing a no-longer-desirable office space and replacing it with a highly functional and attractive layout.
  • Working with the Building Services Manager to get all of the work completed without any interruption to the other businesses or residents in the building.
  • Obtaining all of the special permits required by the city, state, Medicare and the additional insurance requested by the building owners.
Premier Builders’ Solutions:
  • We removed all antiquated systems and replaced them with up-to-date systems that met new code standards.
  • We installed a custom interior for a fresh modern look for the Devon office of RCI, the oldest, privately owned outpatient physical therapy provider in the greater Wilmington area.
  • To not affect the existing businesses and residents in the center, we worked closely with the Building Services Manager to arrange to use other entrances for removal of old materials and installation of the new interiors and equipment.
  • To address any concerns before they became problems, we remained in constant contact with the City of Wilmington, our subcontractors and the business owners. This included a special insurance policy for the building owner to address any liabilities as the work progressed.
Comments from the Client:

“Premier Builders is — hands down — the finest construction company I have ever worked with. Their upfront advice and continued guidance enabled a smooth process. The Tuesday meetings with detailed reports always kept us up to date on every detail.

“The many compliments we’ve received about our new space are a tribute to their professional talents. Premier Builders is a great team that truly made our experience a pleasant one. Even more important, they are people of the utmost integrity.”

Robert Catalano, President and owner of RCI