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Project Profiles - Restaurant

Soybean Asian Grille, Wilmington, DE

The Project:

Transforming a standard retail store into sleek, casual and efficient space for Peter and Allison Chen’s second restaurant. We had a 12-week time frame for this full demolition and renovation project.

The Team:

Premier Builders; Peter and Allison Chen, business owners; Regency Centers, the shopping center managers; Rebecca Blake, Mary Young and Mary Severino, architects and designers of MGZA; Singer Equipment Supply; New Castle County – Department of Land Use; State of Delaware – Fire Marshall; State of Delaware – Alcohol Beverage Control Commision; State of Delaware - DHSS Office of Food Protection.

Unique Challenges:
  • Meeting the stringent code specifications that restaurants must adhere to due to food handling.
  • Working with our staff in the field and our subcontractors so as not to disrupt any of the others businesses that were open and operating during construction.
  • Fulfilling the clients’ priorities of cost-effectiveness, quality workmanship and time efficiency.
Premier Builders’ Solutions:
  • Our experience dealing with the Board of Health, New Castle County Land Use, and the State Fire Marshall for other restaurant projects enabled us to expedite the process of getting permits and code-specific items for all cooking areas and patron areas.
  • We closely coordinated the work of the plumbing and electrical contractors to make sure the systems would maximize the efficiency of the restaurant.
  • We maintained open communication with the neighboring business owners to minimize any inconvenience to their operations.
  • We met weekly to discuss job progress in order to keep everyone focused on the tight schedule and to offer solutions to eliminate cost overruns.
Comments from the Client:

We had compared Premier's work – their final results – with that of a few other contractors, and we collected feedback from the other restaurant owners. Premier Builders won! Due to constraints of budget and time, we challenged them to accomplish the project within three months with the specific decor and design we had in mind. 

“Their timeline planning was outstanding. Ken did a great job coordinating the project with the subcontractors. They were on top of everything and delivered the results on time. A side note: Candace took extra steps to help us in establishing the business. Peter and I are both very grateful for her kindness and generosity.”

Allison Chen, co-owner with her husband, Peter